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How did it start

Living with long nails is interesting.

A simple passion for manicure and nail design turns into a hobby and a habit over time. All my free time, I looked after my nails or watched photos and videos of materials on nail design, I also wrote articles about celebrities with long nails. I plunged into the World of Nails so deep that my hands without a manicure already seem wrong.

Long nails
It becomes very unfortunate to cut off the nails that I have grown with such care and difficulty. I got involved in the process of growing nails and can not stop. This is a competition with oneself. I ask myself: “Can I grow long, super long nails ...?”

To grow very long nails is not such a problem. But it all depends on public opinion, on the attitude of people towards you. People were always surprised and did not accept something unusual and strange. Those who want to stand out from the crowd, show their personality, for example, by tattooing, dyeing their hair with blue-green-pink colors, making piercings, these people must fall into the category of strange people. And excessive passion for tattoos, piercings, and make-up takes these unusual strange people to the freak section.

I also had to face a lack of understanding in the family. Mom and Dad did not understand my desire to grow very long nails. They were indignant, they said why I was doing this with myself. But time passed and they got used to it.

At first, friends, acquaintances, colleagues were surprised and thought that I was crazy. As a result, they are also used to it.

People in shops and public places, of course, pay attention, but are silent. Children and adolescents react more emotionally, they don’t tell me anything, but they talk animatedly with each other.

I try to protect them, make less dangerous movements - dangerous for nails, so as not to catch, not to bang, not to stain. The movements become smooth, slow and accurate.

All the time I think about nails, all the time I look at them, all the time I admire them. I am very worried when a new scratch appears, the varnish exfoliates. And when a nail breaks, it’s a disaster.

People's attention

Длинные ногти
A manicure with any varnish, except for body, will surely draw attention to the hands, even on short nails.

But if the nails are long, a cursory glance of people will surely return and turn into a curious, evaluating, surprised. And the longer the nails, the more interest in the eyes and more surprise.

Days, months go by and my life changes, everyday life is being rebuilt, around the world the attitude towards me is changing - from invisibility I turn into an object of close attention.

How to live with long nails

The process of growing nails is addictive. The longer the nails, the harder it is to abandon the nails. A lot of time is spent on maintaining a beautiful nail shape.

At the very beginning of the “path” (the beginning of nail growing), many common activities seem uncomfortable. Nails cling to any objects. What the fingertips were doing should now be done with your knuckles or you have to use additional objects and devices to achieve the desired goal.

The process of growing long nails changes my life. Life seems to revolve around nails.All the actions with my hands have to be rebuilt. I have to develop new habits, think about how to take ordinary household items, how to get dressed, how to cook food. Normal hand actions cannot be done in the usual way.

The pleasure of contemplating my long nails is much greater than some of the inconvenience.

I'm a girl and I like to wear leggings in different colors on my legs. Whether it's the vibrant hues or subtle tones, I enjoy experimenting with different shades to express my personal style.

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