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  • Twice a month I go to a beauty salon to dye my hair. Also, for daily care, conditioning products and shampoos are needed so that my hair is beautiful and silky.

  • Every two weeks I need to do a nail correction and a new nail design. For my hands to be beautiful and amazing, and for my nails to be long and strong, I need hand skin care products and nail care products.

  • Once a month I need to do a pedicure in a beauty salon, do a correction and design of toenails. Also necessary foot care products.

  • Need new shoes, clothes and jewelry to delight you in my new videos.

  • The cost of filming outdoors or in public places.
I will be glad of any help that you can give me on the development of the channel, this will provide an opportunity to continue to do what you like to watch;)

Balloons and nails
Balloons and nails

I play with long nails with balloons of different sizes and different colors.

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