Photo report of the trip to the city of Baturin

Photos: 28
Earlier, I went to the city of Baturyn to enjoy nature and of course the palace of Hetman Kirill Razumovsky. On the way to Baturyn, we stopped a lot and took photos and videos. This is how the video Long YELLOW TOENAILS in the FOREST 🌲 appeared. Then there was a video near the palace itself Long Yellow TOENAILS - Walking. Then a video was filmed Long Yellow TOENAILS in the PARK. And at the very end, it seems to me, a very interesting video was filmed in the Baturyn fortress itself Big cannon 💣 Tapping with long nails 💣 Public place. I added the video to the channel, but the photos were different and it was not interesting to upload them separately. And now it's time to upload all the photos for the video that you have already seen, and if you haven't, then take a look! :)
Published on: August 10, 2020
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