⚔️110 days of war in Ukraine

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Time passes, but the war does not end. I took these photos on the second day of the war and at that moment I thought that it would end very quickly. But now, on the 110th day of the war, I see how some countries don't give a damn about the fact that innocent civilians, children, old people are dying in my country. 😢 Loud words and promises of help, but in fact, everything is delayed as much as possible. My country is fighting to live in peace and build its future in the European family of countries. But the big, strong countries of Europe that could help are just promising. Their behavior causes surprise and anger. After the victory of Ukraine in the war, and I am sure that it will be, my country will no longer be so naive. And those countries that simply looked away or simply made empty promises will be condemned and ashamed. ☮️ Glory to Ukraine
Published on: June 13, 2022
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