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Lora's Cristmas Carol

Added December 11, 2022 by SnowNL
"Camera" are the viewers. lisening to her story. As she reeds out of a book.
Maby even in Oekraïne.
Lora Is a teatcher with glasses and she is reading a Cristmas story.
But we the camera the viewers paying attention, to the story as well as her fingernails and toenails. Lora start slowly playing with books pages tapping scratching. But still reading the story. At the end you nails will scratch the words
A happy Cristmas and a happy New year to you all. On some thing you can see it on.
Some cake ore something you can eat.

It a sort of a recap of a video you already made onse. Think of a ASMR storie with a seducing part. A lora Cristmas Carol. Great name.

Hope something like this. Or slitly different
I wish you a great Cristmas Lora and the man behind the camera and a happy New year.
Payment maby 350 ore higher. Your pick.

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I am currently away from home, but I think that I can do something similar )))
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